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Darren Weeks
By Darren Weeks
Apr 24, 2006

Ken McElroy

Darren Weeks, President of Fast Track to Cash Flow Inc., is an inspired, publisher, entrepreneur, Business Builder and Real Estate Investor and has been trained in financial coaching by Choice Performance, for life and business coaching. Darren is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Darren is considered by many of his clients as genuine and helpful as well as open to ALL ideas. Darren has created techniques and strategies for many self-owned businesses, and early entrepreneurs as well as creating two dynamic programs, namely Mind Over Money and the very powerful Business Super Conference - “How to Start A Profitable Business and Fast Track your Income” for those serious about exiting the Rat Race via Self-owned Businesses.

Darren is a true believer that wealth is created only after one has changed their thinking. This change in thinking is very difficult for most, as it is apparent when one considers the number of poor people or those stuck living in the Rat Race. Unfortunately, our education system does not have an environment that is conducive for individuals to learn how to “think rich.” Therefore, as a Real Estate Investor and Owner of multiple businesses, Darren has embraced Robert Kiyosaki’s concepts, ever since reading the best selling book, Rich Dad® Poor Dad. After reading this fascinating book, Darren began a journey that spawned Fast Track to Cash Flow, a Canadian Financial education company.

“Ever since childhood, I have always had a fascination with ‘money.’ I remember doing all kinds of entrepreneurial things to create money and therefore, buy what I wanted after. I remember being told at a young age, by a very influential family friend, that in order to create wealth, the secret was to buy assets. Ever since this valuable piece of information, I began thinking of how I could buy assets.

During junior high, I began investing in Mutual Funds, in high school, I began investing in penny stocks and precious metals. My University education was a Bachelor of Commerce, where I learned a great deal of ‘book smarts’ but learned more ‘street smarts’ after buying a new car and my first investment property during my last year of the commerce program.”

My entrepreneurial drive was zapped out of me after completing my Degree, as it was ‘normal’ to graduate and find a job with a large, company. I did this, and soon realized that working for someone else would not enable me to create wealth quickly enough. So, I took some small steps toward ‘freedom’ and away from ‘security’ by starting my own business and BY continuing my Real Estate investing.”

My entrepreneurial Spirit was reincarnated after reading Rich Dad® Poor Dad and I began a journey that led to the achievement of being the most successful Facilitator of CASHFLOW® events in CANADA. This allows me to educate all Canadians on the merits of Financial Literacy, by learning the financial rules of the game and taking action. Opportunities, have always been available, but now are more abundant than ever, as a direct result of creating Fast Track to Cash Flow.”

Darren has a great ability to create money-making, profit increasing ideas and strategies in his effort and desire to help others succeed. He gives emerging entrepreneurs the opportunity to consult and work with him on their business ideas, ventures, growth, marketing and product development.

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