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Corey Rudl
By Corey Rudl
Apr 24, 2006

Corey Rudl unexpectedly passed away in a tragic car-racing accident on Thursday, June 2, 2005, but his work and his ideas live on, and will forever be valued by Internet Marketers.

When it comes to building and running a successful internet business, Corey Rudl is the first person we recommend. His material is of the highest quality, especially his best-selling course, "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on Internet - 2004 (Read our Review)", which far exceeded our expectations.

In fact WE USED IT extensively during the development of the THIS website,! Furthermore, WE CONTINUE to USE many of Corey Rudl's products and services to keep our site current and to keep abreast of the latest Internet Trends and Internet Marketing developments. Simply put, there is NO ONE better!

We SINCERELY recommend Corey Rudl as an excellent coach if you wish to learn how to make money on the internet. Below is his official biography, which will give you some more insight into how Corey Rudl came to be who he is today.

Corey Rudl's Official Biography

Corey Rudl was the founder and President of the The Internet Marketing Center and A world-renowned Internet marketing expert, Corey was a successful author and speaker, as well as a leading e-business strategist and software producer.

Corey unexpectedly passed away while enjoying another of his passions in life -- car-racing -- on Thursday, June 2, 2005. His tragic death at the age of 34 was an incredible shock to his family and friends, and to the online community around the world, where Corey was widely respected as an innovator and a trail-blazer who had led thousands to find success of their own.

A pioneer of e-commerce on the Internet, Corey started his first online business in 1994 with just $25 in start-up capital. He successfully turned that small investment into a multi-million-dollar business by effectively pioneering results-driven Internet marketing strategies.

Attracted by his evident success, business owners in great numbers began seeking Corey out to learn more about his philosophies and the methods he created. In response to this demand, Corey founded The Internet Marketing Center, which is now a multi-million-dollar corporation that shares its Internet marketing strategies and software solutions with countless entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.

Corey was considered one of the most effective Internet marketing experts anywhere. He made his name teaching "real world" techniques and strategies that stemmed directly from his own everyday experiences of working in the trenches, where he came face-to-face with both educational failures and extraordinary successes.

Corey maintained his success by testing new strategies on a daily basis. He developed the ability to forecast market trends and predict (if not create) the "next big" success strategy. As a result of these accomplishments, his Internet Marketing course, "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet," is one of the most successful and useful "How To" guides in print today.

Used by tens of thousands of small businesses worldwide, and currently in its third edition, this 1,000+ page comprehensive Internet marketing guide has been deemed by many circles the "Internet Marketing Bible."

Corey became a featured speaker at conferences in Australia, the U.K., Asia, and throughout North America, and he consistently drew rave reviews. He shared the stage with marketing experts like Jay Abraham, Paul Hartunian, Jim and Audri Lanford, Jim Sterne, and Declan Dunn.

Corey’s articles were published in top industry publications, including, The U.S. Small Business Administration’s, The Direct Marketing Association, MarketingProfs, Opportunity World, Money ‘N Profits, Dig-IT Now, and Home Business Journal. Corey was a leader in the Internet marketing industry, consistently developing practical, cost-effective Internet Marketing strategies and software for businesses of all sizes.

His innovative software solutions and marketing recommendations drew over 1.8 million unique visitors to his web sites every month and generated over $6.6 million every year.

For Corey, however, true success was measured by the thousands of e-business owners worldwide who use his methods to successfully build, manage, and grow their own profitable online ventures.

Corey's impact on the people who run these businesses was huge. Nowhere is this more evident than in the sentiments expressed in the hundreds of messages left at -- a memorial web site set up by one of Corey's loyal customers, Ken Calhoun.

It is fitting that The Internet Marketing Center chose the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship to be the recipient of a donation of $90,000 made in Corey's memory in October, 2005.

The NFTE is an organization that helps young people from low-income communities improve their business, academic, and life skills through entrepreneurship education.

Corey's legacy also lives on at IMC. Inspired by his passion and desire to succeed, we have continued to grow this thriving company, dedicated to releasing industry-leading Internet marketing strategies and tools.

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