Little Things Mean a Lot... of Money!
By Dena Braun
Jun 1, 2006

You've heard the saying, "Genius is in the details." And nothing could be truer for rental properties. It's the little touches that can sway a prospective renter's decision... between property A or B.

Here are some inexpensive improvements you can make to your rental property to increase its appeal - and value:

  1. New Front Door

    You only get one chance to make that first impression. If you have a cheap door, it cheapens the entire property. A nice door will set you back about $125. It's worth every penny!
  2. Tile the Entry

    Striking, yet inexpensive, ceramic tile is a huge step up from standard linoleum. An 8x8 area can be tiled for around $100.
  3. Paint the Trim

    If the interior doesn't need a complete paint job, paint the trim bright white for an updated look.
  4. Paint the Cabinets

    If you have outdated cabinetry, give it a fresh look with a paint job.
  5. Dress the Windows

    Install blinds or new curtains - and get a new look.
  6. Detail the Details

    Install new electrical switch plates, new door handles, a new shower curtain and rod...consider replacing faucets with closeout deals from your home improvement store.

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