Surrendering to Your Passion: A New Years Choice
By Melita Hunt
May 19, 2006

Is it trading or investing? Is it gardening? Is it painting or sculpting? Perhaps writing poetry, riding a bike, singing songs, making things, fixing things, traveling, breeding animals, collecting something, playing chess…. The list is just endless.

What is the activity that you truly love to do? And how does it feel to do something that you truly love to do?

My passion is writing – putting pen to paper and sharing my innermost thoughts or creating stories and adventures either for myself or for others to read. That’s what I love to do. And, it makes me feel great. I have a feeling of peacefulness, happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Why wouldn’t I give myself that gift everyday or at least every week? Of course I do. I have finally chosen the path of least resistance.

The choice just had to be made.

Sure I’m a busy lady, I have a job, a business of my own, a hectic travel schedule, a family, friends and all the things that go with it, eating, sleeping, cleaning, driving, working, exercising, day- by- day. There are phone calls, e-mails, studying, commitments, deadlines and things to do, jobs, jobs, jobs everywhere and lists to go with them. At the office, at home and people to see. Just when I seem to get on top of it all, I manage to create something completely new or unforeseen to fill the space – sound familiar?

We’ve all heard it before - there are only so many hours in a day. But how many hours of YOUR day belong to you?

When outside influences dominate us and everything ‘going on’ in our lives takes precedence over our innermost passions and desires, we’re denying our loved ones, the world and ourselves. We can sit back and believe that our actions don’t affect the world – yeah right, ha, cough, laugh, splutter… sorry folks… we’re all here for a reason whether you want to believe it or not.

So what impact do you want to have on the world or leave in your wake? Do you want to be remembered as crabby, miserable, not available, always busy, angry or sad? I’m sure that no-one does. But these are the states that we allow ourselves to get into when we deny ourselves and let life get out of balance.

The choice just has to be made.

Here’s a funny thought – so you mean that I can just choose to make a commitment to spend a few moments – or more – just for myself every week, doing what I love to do? Following my passion, engaging in an interest that makes me feel happy, free, relaxed, loving and content? Nah – sounds way too easy. Isn’t life meant to be hard? A struggle?

Actually – no it’s not…

So what is the desire that burns inside of you and longs to be released? Is it a creative endeavor – writing, painting, poetry? Is it getting in touch with the earth through gardening or strolling in the park? Do you like academic pursuits or skills such as trading, studying, chess, or reading? Perhaps family time lights your inner flame, playing with the kids or being intimate with your spouse? Engaging in community activities, being with friends. Whatever it may be.

You know what it is. Just ask your heart – that committed and helpful organ that keeps you up and running every day. Ask and find the one thing that would fulfill that part of you that says – “This is what I’m really supposed to be doing. This feels right to me, this makes me happy, I feel great when I get in touch with this side of myself. This is my heart’s desire.” And do it.

I can only speak from my own experience, but when I feel the urge or desire to write, I just do it. I just take a few moments and do what I love to do or commit to a time that I will spend writing. I then know that the day is going to progress in a much easier fashion. The world around me flows as it should and life loosens up.

If I ignore it, I have a growing uneasiness and frustration inside of me – a knowingness that I am allowing outside influences to dictate my life and control my day - I feel suppressed. And the funny thing is, it’s all my own doing!

So as another year begins, be sure to give yourself the gift of uncovering and following your passion and throughout the next year your heart will sing with joy and thanks for the interludes that you give it – no matter how brief they may be. Go on, try it, I dare you…

Or do you prefer the hard road where there is regret and sadness for songs left unsung?

It’s your choice…

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