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Diane Kennedy, CPA
By Diane Kennedy
May 18, 2006

Diane Kennedy

Diane Kennedy, CPA, has built her reputation through educating and empowering individuals and corporations positioning them to legally, morally and ethically minimize their tax obligations. Based on 20 years research, application and creation of innovative tax solutions along with years of experience as a business owner and investor, Ms. Kennedy and DKA have assisted thousands of people on how to strategically structure their businesses to take full advantage of the tax laws.

Diane Kennedy, founder and owner of DKA, a leading tax strategy and accounting firm, has been involved in every aspect of the accounting industry as well as a variety of investment companies. Through her extensive study and analysis of the over 500,000 pages of tax laws, she has earned the reputation as a top tax strategist and has uncovered thousands of legal tax loopholes.

In TaxLoopholes, she leads the research and development of innovative tax strategies that allow individuals to proactively manage their tax planning. This strategic tax planning ultimately minimizes their tax liability while simultaneously maximizing their legal protection.

Diane is an outspoken proponent of proactive tax planning. "All of us have a responsibility to pay tax but none of us should pay more than our share. The tax laws are complex and written for the rich. Most of us do not have access to the kind of information that will allow us to use these loopholes that all taxpayers are entitled to. My personal goal as well as our goal at TaxLoopholes is to educate individuals and corporations on how to keep more of what they make."

Ms. Kennedy knows the secrets that the rich use to reduce their taxes and shares these secrets in her latest book, "Loopholes of the Rich™", (How the rich legally make more money and pay less tax). Loopholes is entertaining and easy to read and shares hundreds of tips on how to legally, morally and ethically pay less tax."

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