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Steve Sjuggerud , PhD
By Steve Sjuggerud
May 18, 2006

Van K. Tharp, Ph.D

“If you don’t take the risk, you’ll never find out what the reward could possibly be. But in order to save your equipment or your wallet, you’ve got to be willing to cut your losses.”

~Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, President of The Oxford Club’s Investment University and avid surfer and sailor

Whether it’s windy sailing conditions or stock market volatility, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is always willing to take a risk, but always cuts his losses early too. And as a result, Steve is unparalleled when it comes to teaching investors and traders how to guarantee maximized returns year in, year out… not to mention as a hardcore surfer and sailor.

As an expert global investor, Steve Sjuggerud is frequently quoted in places like and Barron’s. Steve’s latest book, Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom, recently made The New York Times Business Best Sellers list and was a top seller on in the Business and Investing category.

Dr. Sjuggerud's Investment Recommendations

If you’d like to learn the quickest way to start living off your investments… and never have to “work” again, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is the man you need to get know.

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud received his PhD in International Finance and has the “real world” experience that comes from having been the vice president of a $50 million global mutual fund, an analyst, broker, offshore hedge fund manager, diligent world traveler, and Editor of the True Wealth newsletter. True Wealth is one of the fastest-growing investment newsletters in the country, with more than 60,000 members worldwide.

Drawing on that experience, he is currently the President of The Oxford Club’s Investment University and the voice behind The Investment U E-Letter (IUEL), a free, twice-weekly e-mail service that reaches out to more than 265,000 readers. Steve's IUEL helps you become a savvier investor with a font of "actionable wisdom" and contrarian investing advice you can use immediately to build your portfolios in any market.

How Dr. Sjuggerud Can Help You Build Wealth

Already this year, with the market sparing few from quick losses, Dr. Sjuggerud's investment recommendations and strategies continue to reflect his "eye for profits":

  • 101% in Simon Properties, a "boring" shopping malls company
  • 77% in an ultra-hot gold stock, Newmont Mining
  • 118% on homebuilder D.R. Horton

Founded in 1999, the goal of Investment U is to give you non-partial, no-nonsense advice on how to build long-lasting wealth.

"Steve's influence on my ability to invest is incredible. In less than six months, I've gone from being an average investor to making more money off his recommendations than I ever did from any job."

~ Brian Hunt, editor of the Microcap Moonshots newsletter

Dr. Sjuggerud’s style is refreshingly clear, unique, and credible. His time-tested, well researched strategies show what really works today and how to make it work for you... Strategies that include...

  • How to always cut your losses and let your winners ride
  • The reason why you should never chase a stock while it’s going down
  • Why hard assets such as real estate may be today’s best investments
  • And much, much more

The Investment U Course compliments the Investment U E-letter by combining Dr. Sjuggerud’s outstanding track record for making investors money with historically proven principles for building long-lasting wealth. You get what no schools, no books, no brokers will teach you—the best strategies for outperforming the markets year in and year out, so you can make “profits for a lifetime” and achieve true wealth.

Oxford Club

The Oxford Club, founded in 1984, has become the largest financial organization of its kind with over 65,000 members in over 110 countries. The Club helps investors around the world create a financial legacy for their families that is shielded from excessive taxation, seizure, fraud, and inflation. The Club supports limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. By using the Club's highly reliable global network, twice-monthly Communiqués, special investor alerts, interactive web site, and special events - members are tuned into major trends and learn creative ways to benefit from them.

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