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    Health & Wellness Articles
    Last Updated: Feb 4th, 2007

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    Take Your Success to the Next Level
    Achieve presence and peace of mind, good health and physical fitness with the valuable advice and tips in the articles in this section.

    New Years Resolutions
    by Rita Oliveira

    Many people start the year off with great intentions and by setting New Year's Resolutions for weight loss. Well, it is easier said than done for most. Often by March the will power to resist temptations diminishes and old habits reappear...

    Health & Wellness : Articles

    Top 10 Shopping Tips
    by Rita Oliveira

    1. Check the labels for serving size. Make sure you calculate the nutritional value based on how much you will eat.
    2. Take into consideration what you will have to add to the product in preparation.

    Health & Wellness : Articles

    Making Sense of Food Labels
    by Rita Oliveira

    The Nutrition Information found on food labels is useless unless you know what it all means. At first glance many products look healthy because of suggestions such as; low fat, fat-free, sugar free and low sodium...

    Health & Wellness : Articles

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