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    Business Products
    Last Updated: Feb 4th, 2007

    You are here: Build Your Business : Products : Web Site Tools

    Browse through this hand-picked list to quickly find some of the best resources available for starting and managing your business. Also narrow down your selection by topic using the navigation to the left.

    Site Build It! by Ken Evoy

    Site Build It! comes highly recommended by several online business owners who are making outstanding incomes on the Internet. It is an all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, site-promoting tool used by over 10,000 small businesses worldwide.

    You can easily create your own web site without any knowledge of web design or programming technology. It also shows you how to get the best search engine rankings on all the major seacrh engines like Google and Yahoo, and most importantly, how to run a successful business.

    "eBook Pro" -- Secure eBook Packaging Solution by Corey Rudl

    I highly recommend this software if you want to create or already have your own ebook. It is MUCH better than creating an ebook as an Adobe PDF file although a lot of people do it this way. This is the program that Corey Rudl uses to create his ebooks and I have to say I prefer it A LOT more than reading PDF files online.

    You can find information you want more easily, without having to scan through the whole ebook. They are also more secure than PDF files in preventing people from stealing your work. An excellent investment for the Information Entrepreneur.

    "AssocTRAC" -- Affiliate Management Solution by Corey Rudl

    This leading-edge affiliate management solution will give you the opportunity to utilize the same affiliate marketing strategy responsible for the success of the Internetís most successful online retailers.

    AWeber Communications - Email Autoresponder Service by Tom Kulzer

    This is the tool we use for our email newsletter and it is by far the best that we've found. We tried at least five different providers before we chose Aweber. Boy was that experience a nightmare! With AWeber's unlimited autoresponders and unlimited follow ups, your prospects will automatically receive your marketing message the essential seven times or more over a period of days, weeks, and months. They have a 30-day trial period, so take advantage!

    "Desktop Marketer" Software by Corey Rudl

    E-mail marketing is becoming more and more difficult in light of new spam laws, increased filtering, and hoardes of vicious spammers making it tough to get legitimate e-mail into the inboxes of the customers and subscribers who want it.

    Desktop Marketer solves this problem by letting you send text and HTML messages directly to your customers' desktops -- instantly, reliably, and electronically -- without wrestling with e-mail filters, bounce backs, or competition.

    Make Your Price Sell! by Ken Evoy, M.D. and Carol Ann Dorn, Ph.D.

    The goal of "Make Your Price Sell!" is to provide marketers with a scientific tool that will help them set their product's "Perfect Price." It consists of an online survey you can customize and cut and paste onto your website.

    After describing your product or service as clearly and compellingly as you are able, you have your customers fill out a short survey. The answers are recorded and analyzed in the MYPS! server, and offer you powerful insights into how to price your products.

    "Mailloop" -- Email & Business Automation Software by Corey Rudl

    With Mailloop, you have the ability to instantly automate all of the monotonous e-mail chores associated with running a successful Internet business. Mailloop is the complete Internet e-mail, newsletter server, web form processor, customer database, and autoresponder solution.

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