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    Business Resource Links
    Last Updated: Feb 4th, 2007

    You are here: Build Your Business : Resource Links : Affiliate Programs

    Below you'll find a carefully selected list of other resources for your business development and success.

    Internet Marketing Centre (IMC)

    Corey Rudl is the president and founder of the Internet Marketing Centre. We personally use many of their products and can vouch for their high standards and integrity. With the IMC affiliate program, you have the opportunity to recommend the IMC Products to your visitors, customers, subscribers, opt-in e-mail list etc... and recruit an army of sub-affiliates.

    You earn a commission for each sale that is generated by you or your sub-affiliates. The IMC also compensates affiliates extremely well for their efforts, with payouts going as high as $200 per sale on certain software products. Of all of the affiliate programs I've come accross, the IMC, has the best affiliate centre (where you can check your traffic and commission stats, build links, etc.). It's extremely easy to use, so you can basically join the program and get started right away.

    The best thing about this program is the products. I love them! I hope that's not too strong a word to use, but Corey's Insider Secrets Course and other ebooks have helped us tremendously in running our own Internet Business (i.e. this website - In joining any affiliate program, the quality of what you are recommending should be your top priority, so the IMC program is highly recommended.

    Rich Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

    As you will probably notice from browsing, we love the Rich Dad products! Robert Kiyosaki's works have helped so many people achieve their dreams. Rich Dad Poor Dad, his first book, has spent over 220 weeks on the NY Times Bestseller List. It is truly an all-time classic book that I recommend to everyone I know, young and old.

    Kiyosaki's affiliate program operated by CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc. and offers a solid compensation for traffic driven to that generates sales on their secure, on-line order system. They have several quality products including books, audio products and games. You can't go wrong with this program.

    Site Sell's Five Pillar Club

    Ken Evoy's program is hailed all over the Internet as being one of the best affilaite programs out there. If you've never heard of Ken before, he is the author of Make Your Site Sell, often called the the BIBLE of site-selling, that contains over 1,500 pages of strategies covering what Ken calls "The Big 3" of Internet Marketing: 1) Develop a great product -- position it for Web sales. 2) Build a site that really sells. 3) Attract targeted traffic to the site.

    The SiteSell affiliate program offers top-quality products (your reputation is on the line so this is always important). The compensations are also solid with lifetime commissions (i.e. you earn commissions all products ever purchased by your referred customers, and sub-affiliate commissions.There is also an excellent affiliate manual to help you get started.

    My only complaint is the affiliate centre (where you build your referral links, check your commission stats, etc.) takes a bit of getting used to. Other than that, it's an excellent program that gets our highest recommendation.

    Learn more about Site Sell's Five Pillar Club Affiliate Program.

    The UnFair Advantage on Winning The Search Engine Wars

    Planet Ocean, the company owned by Stephen Machinery, does an amazing job of researching the search engines, how they work, what they like and what they don't like.

    This book, along with Stephen's "Search Engines News" Newsletter, does an excellent job of showing you how to rank well in the search engines, and it is recognized by several successful internet entrepreneurs, such as Patrick O'Leary, founder of, as an absolute "must-have".

    Because this is such a great book, it is an excellent product to recommend to your visitors who will want to know how to conquer the search engine wars!

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