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    Blair Singer
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    Blair Singer

    Selling is Communication.

    "Your wealth, your power, and your happiness improve with your ability to communicate."

    - Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad

    Blair Singer is internationally recognized as one of THE BEST sales communications trainers in business today. Author of SalesDogs, one of the wildly popular Rich Dad Advisor series of books, Singer is also founder of the international training firm, Blair Singer Accelerated Training (BSAT) and founder of the SalesDogs: a methodology that offers life changing sales success.

    Blair Singer has earned worldwide praise for his unique training and facilitation skills that practically GUARANTEE positive personal development and exceptional performance.

    With well over 20 years of experience and clients that include J P Morgan, IBM, Singapore Airlines, Redken Laboratories and Colombia University, Singer has influenced the lives of literally ten of thousands of people around the globe.

    If you truly desire financial freedom, it is absolutely imperative that you improve your sales and communication skills. Whether you are currently "in sales" or not, sales are huge part of our daily lives. Think about it, we use sales skills like handling objections, presenting our strong points, persuading others to listen to your point of view, almost on a daily basis.

    If your only source of income is "earned income", income which comes from your job or some other form of labour, it can be very difficult to become financially free. The reason for this is that earned income can often be affected by factors outside of your control.

    • What if you lost your job or were demoted?
    • What if your company went bankrupt?
    • What if something happened to you and you could not work anymore?
    • How would these things affect your cash flow and your standard of living?

    Ask yourself how long could you maintain your current standard of living if you stopped working today? One year? One month? One week?

    True financial freedom is achieved when you no longer HAVE TO WORK to support your current lifestyle. In other words you have developed a source or multiple sources of portfolio income (from financial investments e.g. stocks, bonds etc.) or passive income (income derived from activities that you are not directly involved in such as income from real estate investments) that will replace your current earned income.

    What this means is that even if you were to lose your job you would still have a source of income that would allow you to continue your current lifestyle.

    One of the greatest sources of passive and portfolio income is Business. And as Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad says "If you want to enter the world of business, you must learn how to sell."

    "I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to be like you. I want to own large businesses and have lots of people working for me. I want to invest in real estate, and own land and large buildings. I don't want to be a salesman." Rich Dad laughed at my na´vetÚ. "Why are you laughing?" I asked. "What does selling have to do with building businesses, managing people, raising money and investing?"Again rich dad just laughed and said, "EVERYTHING."

    - Robert Kiyosaki (excerpt from SalesDogs)

    Sales are without question your number one business skill and Blair Singer is a true expert at providing you with the basic skill necessary to enhance your own natural sales skills and abilities.

    In our opinion one of the most important elements about Singer's strategies are the lessons you learn about YOURSELF as your sales and communication skills begin to grow and develop.

    The greatest obstacles to our personal success are often the ones that we create in our OWN MINDS, our minds have natural desire to return to a place of comfort, rather than face obstacles that we perceive as too great to overcome. You know the little voice inside your head that says things like:

    • It's too hard
    • I don't have time right now
    • I'm too busy
    • Things will take of themselves
    • I will do it later
    • I don't feel like it
    • What if I fail?
    • What if they say no?

    In order to achieve true success we must find a way to GET OUT of our COMFORT ZONE and overcome our own mental and emotional obstacles. Blair Singer is one of the very best giving you the tools and support that will allow you to overcome those obstacles, learn from them and go on to achieve true success.

    We highly recommend Blair Singer as an author and trainer who will help you Do Success!

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