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    Rita Oliveira
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    Rita OliveiraRita Oliveira is absolutely magnificent. I say this from personal experience, as Rita has helped me and so many others develop a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. Born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada, Rita has strived to empower individuals to improve their health and their lives.

    She became an aerobics enthusiast from the age of 15, when she attended aerobics classes at London's Central YMCA. After years of participating in aerobics classes, Rita became a Certified Aerobics Instructor through the YMCA, and today she teaches a variety of classes including Boxing, Taebox, Interval Classes, Bootcamp and Power Barbell (a muscle conditioning class).

    As a personal trainer and nutritionist for the last 4 years, Rita has motivated and helped thousands of people to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. Through writing a newspaper column, co-hosting a health and fitness television show, providing one-on-one consultations and more, Rita has been the catalyst for so many people with goals of getting in shape.

    While several professionals in the industry look to unrealistic and hard-to-maintain diets, Rita educates her clients on the basics of nutrition, so that they understand how to make the best nutritional choices for long-term weight loss and good health.

    Her newspaper column, "Ask the Nutritionist", which is published quarterly in the "Good Living" magazine of The London Free Press, allows various members of the London community to ask Rita questions on nutrition and wellness. Rita's "Nutrition Tips", which provide expert advice on weight loss and nutrition, are also published biweekly in The London Free Press.

    Rita's community contributions also include monthly lectures and seminars at fitness centres, business workplaces and schools as well as with several sports teams. She has lectured on topics such as Nutrition for Long Term Weight Loss, Nutrition Basics, Exercising for Fat Loss, Virtual Shopping Tours and more.

    Rita is co-host of The Interactive Fitness 911 Show aired on Rogers Television, a fitness program that helps 10 emergency response workers (e.g. police, firemen, ER nurses, etc.) lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. During this 12-week challenge, Rita works along with the show participants who face the challenges of balancing shift work, health and family life. By developing personalized meal plans suited to the needs of each individual, monitoring their progress, and motivating them to stay on track, Rita has played a major role in ensuring the success all the show's participants.

    As a personal trainer, Rita has designed highly detailed one-on-one and group fitness programs tailored to the individual or group needs. Taking into account the time, preferred training style and location, motivation levels, medical history and exercise preferences of her clients, Rita has consistently been a successful coach and motivator, even to young ones. Under her cardiovascular training expertise, a local London under 12 girls soccer team won the Ontario Cup.

    Helping people achieve their fitness goals through one-on-one nutritional counseling is an area where Rita has experienced tremendous success and satisfaction. Rita strives to help her clients make a lifestyle change. Instead of endorsing yo-yo diets and diet fads, Rita educates her clients on making the right choices to lose weight and keep it off. Her methods work!

    Not only does Rita educate her clients about the types of foods to eat and how to prepare foods, she also designs a detailed meal plan based on the individual's eating preferences and personal lifestyle. She teaches individuals how to count calories and modify their meal plan, keeping their diets fresh and easy to stick to.

    Rita also shares tips with her clients like how to read nutrition labels on food products, how to count the calories in recipes, how to choose the right foods when dining out and more. The amazing success stories she has had over the years as a nutritionist attest to her professionalism and sincere care in this area.

    Directly related to her nutritional counseling is a low fat cookbook, of which Rita is the co-author. With over 160 recipes ranging from Fantastic French Toast to No-Guilt Cheesecake, this cookbook has been a hit among Rita's clients and the London fitness community for 3 years straight. The calorie count and nutrient breakdown is provided for each recipe. The cookbook also contains tips on low fat alternatives to your own recipes.

    Rita will soon be releasing a new cookbook, with even more exciting and tasty low fat recipes. Stay tuned for release details.

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