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    Developing the Mind that Attracts Success
    By Doing Success
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    Do you believe that success can be guaranteed?

    Most people want to achieve success in every aspect of their lives, and work very hard and long to try and achieve it. Very often, fear of failure pushes us to work extra hard and extra long to try and accomplish our hearts' desires.

    What did you learn about money and success when you were growing up? That you must work hard in order to achieve it, right? "You need to work long and hard, go to school, get good grades, in order to get a high-paying job." That belief has become so engrained in our societies, that those who follow a different path are often viewed as failures.

    Think about it. If you didn't get good grades in school, you were reprimanded by your teachers and parents, and even made fun of by your peers. Even worse, you could have been prevented from moving into a higher grade. If you didn't get into college, your parents were disappointed and your friends felt sorry for you. If you haven't gotten a medium to high-paying job at a reputable company with a prestigious title, it can be almost shameful.

    Chances are, you know of someone who has lost their job, or who, although qualified, has been unable to find a "decent" job. What kind of emotions does a person in this situation usually feel? Fear? Like a failure? Resentment? Shame? Yes. These are all emotions that many feel if they do not fit in to society's definition of success.

    So in order to avoid feeling these emotions - to avoid feelings of fear, failure, shame, lack of security, and resentment - many go through life working hard and long to avoid failure, rather than achieve success. This is a major difference between those who ultimately achieve success and those who do not!

    The One Who Avoids Failure to Achieve Success

    One who goes through life trying to avoid failure will find it very hard to achieve true success. The majority of people are trying to achieve success in their lives by avoiding failure. What do they focus on? They focus on anything that could go wrong in situation, anything that could cause loss or defeat.

    They are the "know-it-alls", the first ones to try and discourage you from taking a risk. In fact, they hate the word "risk", they run from it. Yet they think they are successful, because they have never failed. You know why they have never failed? Because they have never tried to succeed!

    These are the ones that focus on all that appears to be impossible, and what they focus on becomes their world. They constantly say things like, "That would never work!" or "That's impossible." Or, they settle for what they already have and make excuses in saying things like, "I'm comfortable where I am," but deep down inside they long for more.

    So what happens when opportunity comes knocking on the door?

    1. They don't hear the knock at all, because they're fast asleep; Or

    2. They hear the knock, open the door, only to slam the door in opportunity's face, because they looked for and found 1 thing that "could be" flawed in what opportunity had to offer, while ignoring the other 99 benefits that would make that flaw utterly insignificant.

    In so doing, those who avoid failure also avoid success. They stay in their comfort zone refusing to risk anything to be successful, hoping that the perfect "big break" will one day come along and save the day.

    Do I Avoid Failure?
    Ask yourself this question. If you wish to determine if you've been avoiding failure, rather than seeking success, ask yourself the questions in our "Do I Avoid Failure?" Self-Evaluation Questionnaire.

    Write or say your answers out loud. You can do this questionnaire with a friend or mate, and discuss the answers with each other in an open and understanding way. It takes a lot of "guts" to be honest with yourself, but know that you hold the key to your own success, and being honest with yourself is a critical step on the road to success.

    Click here for our "Do I Avoid Failure?" Self-Evaluation Questionnaire.

    The One Who Welcomes Failure to Achieve Success

    Why would someone want to welcome failure? Does welcoming failure make you a failure? Certainly not! It is the one who runs from failure who ultimately becomes a failure.

    • Successful minds recognize that every failure brings them closer to achieving their goals.

    • Successful minds believe that failure is only a temporary defeat or setback.

    • Successful minds know that winning the game is all about overcoming obstacles and persisting until that win is realized.

    Developing a mind that guarantees success is not easy for everyone, especially because the majority of people do not possess this mind.

    Developing a successful mindset requires several things:

    What exactly is it that you want? You must know this. If you do not know what you want, how will you know where to go, what to do, and how to do it? You won't!

    Decide NOW what you really want in life. Brainstorm! Sit down and think about it, ponder over it, make up your own mind. This is something you have to decide on your own (or if you're married it would be appropriate to do this with your spouse), because it is your mind that will lead you to this goal.

    Write down your ultimate goal in life in a paragraph, memorize it, place it somewhere visible, and repeat it aloud to yourself daily.

    How badly do you want success? Many are afraid to want something too badly, just in case they don't get it. In this life, we are often let down by many things, by our friends, family, and the world around us. Many choose to stay on safe ground, "hoping for the best, but expecting the worst." They sit on the fence, as it were, so that they won't get hurt, regardless of which way the wind blows.

    Think about it.

    • Have you ever been let down by someone you trusted?
    • If so, how hard was it for you to trust that person (or anyone else) again?
    • Have you ever wanted something, or been promised something that you did not receive?
    • How did you feel?
    • Did you feel like you would never have too much faith in anything again?

    This is often the mind's way of protecting us from harm. We all have instinctive defense mechanisms that are always trying to shield us from hurt and pain, even though we are not always consciously aware of it. So, very often we are subconsciously (sometimes consciously) afraid to want anything too much, for fear of being let down.

    This separates the mind that is "doing success" from the mind that is "doing failure". The mind that is programmed for success is not afraid to want something so much that it becomes an obsession. When you have developed this mindset, you will desire success so much that your mind will find a way to achieve your goals.

    Despite fear and obstacles, you must be willing to keep pushing on towards your goals. The winners in life are the ones who persist, the ones who fall, but get up and keep on running to finish the race. Actually, it doesn't matter if you run, walk or crawl to the finish line; as long as you finish the race, you are a winner.

    Most people give up at the first sign of defeat, or if not the first sign, then the second, third, fourth, or fifth sign of defeat. Even if you give up at the 50th sign of defeat, guess what? You are still a loser. The winner NEVER gives up.

    The winner persists until victory is realized.

    Realizing that there are often several ways to accomplish the same task is critical. Trying different ways of doing things, and seeking expert advice from someone who can help you realize your goals, is all part of being persistent to the point where you win.

    Do you deeply believe, with your whole heart, mind and body, that you will achieve whatever you want in life? If you don't have real faith that you WILL achieve success, you just might never achieve it.

    Ongoing Planning
    Develop a concrete plan for how you will achieve your goals. Commit this plan to memory and write it down. Place it where it is visible to you most of the time, and repeat it aloud to yourself to reinforce in your mind what you want and how you will get it.

    When you develop a successful mind, your mind will attract success. Your thoughts of all that you wish for in life will dominate your mind, to the extent that your mind will always be looking for a way to turn these thoughts into reality, even when you're sleeping! Your mind will never stop until all your goals and desires are attained. Your dominating thoughts WILL become your world!

    • Are you where you want to be today?
    • Does the road that you're on guarantee success in your future?
    • Does your mind tell you that you WILL achieve success, or
    • Is your mind overcome with fearful thoughts of not achieving freedom before you are too old and weary?

    If your mind is telling you that you are not guaranteed success, START NOW to change that mind of yours to a mind that will produce a successful world for you.

    YOU control your mind.

    YOUR MIND controls your ACTIONS.

    Your actions determine the type of life you will lead.

    Your dominating thoughts become your world.

    Your dominating thoughts ARE your world.

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